Hydraulic Press for Laminates

The Decorative & Industrial Laminate Hydraulic Press Line is used to produce the Industrial & Decorative Laminates, which are commonly known as Hylam Sheets & Sun mica Sheet. They are commonly used for Industrial Use, Furniture Use, insulation boards, copper clad PCBs, and insulator sheets. The total Laminate Press line consists of the machines for assembly, stripping, mould handling, loading, unloading, conveying, and press lamination.

Our complete line of standard Hydraulic Presses along with our ability to custom-design a press to suit our customers' specific requirements, allows us to successfully serve a wide variety of industries. We have experience in handling a diverse range of applications - from the standard to the custom specified. No matter what your business, we have the expertise to build you the best Hydraulic Press Machine for your requirement.

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  • Window Frame Construction
  • Multi Daylight Openings
  • Uniform Heat and Pressure Distribution
  • Higher Heat Retaining Capacity
  • Hydraulic and Electrical Components of International Standards
  • PLC Control Panel
Product (MM) Capacity (Tons) Platen (MM) Specific Pressure
2440 x 1220 3000 2600 x 1350 100 KG/CM2
2820 x 1300 3600 2980 x 1420 100 KG/CM2
3050 x 1300 4000 3200 x 1420 100 KG/CM2
3050 x 1525 5000 3200 x 1650 100 KG/CM2
3660 x 1830 7000 3855 x 2000 100 KG/CM2